International Collaborations and Representation

Representation in International Expert Committees on Case Method: The performance of SRCC attracted noticeable attentions from the international communities on Case Method. The director of SRCC has been invited (and is now part of) the following international committees:

SRCC has been successful in collaborating with NACRA. After evaluating SRCC, its activities as well as potential, NACRA has invited SRCC to conceptualize and lead a Special Track “Cases in Russian Language” at NACRA 2021 SRCC has also been invited to co-chair other tracks on “Advanced Case Pedagogy” at NARCA 2021

SRCC has been an active member of Case Method Forum for Management (CMFM).

Regional Partnerships

SRCC is active in promoting Case Method and offering partnerships to the leading institutes of Kazakhstan. SRCC has hosted special sessions on Case Method at some of the leading institutes of Central Asia such as

Many faculty members and PhD scholars from those universities are associated with SRCC to undertake Case Research.