Signature Global Initiatives

Narxoz Global supports and designs experiences for the Narxoz community - for students from admittance through graduation and beyond, to staff and faculty in their continued development, and the larger university community and partners. Learn more about some of our signature global engagement initiatives:

Creative Spark English Club
Global Career Development
Global Hour
Narxoz Global Student Embassy
Narxoz International Club

From building community, to developing leadership skills and honoring global celebrations and the diversity of the university community...
We believe in global engagement.
Give & Develop

As a not-for-profit university, Narxoz encourages all stakeholders to take part in the university community development at all levels: renovation of the main campus, scholarships, and providing opportunities for global internships and education abroad opportunities. Whether you are a business partner, alumnus, global partner or community member, please join us in helping to provide outstanding global opportunities at Narxoz University.

Learn more about how you can be a scholarship sponsor and discuss additional opportunities:
Creative Spark English Club

From 2019-2020, Narxoz University has been chosen by the British Council to pilot a Creative Spark English Club – an extracurricular activity to enhance English speaking skills among students. 17 Narxoz students successfully participated in the club from January to May 2020. Starting September 2020, the Club will continue its work within the Narxoz University Linguistics Center. To learn more about the selection process to participate, email
Global Career Development

Narxoz University supports students in their preparation for the global workforce through workshops, trainings, and internships abroad
. Students have interned or participated in professional development in Georgia, Turkey, Spain, Greece, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, and Germany, as well as throughout Kazakhstan. Students gain skills needed for the global workforce and experience in their academic disciplines such as tourism, restaurant and hotel management, and business management. With the number of students participating in global career development opportunities each year, Narxoz actively participates with several organizations to support these opportunities, including: Verny Capital, Job Trust, AIESEC, and Grande Voyage. Contact the Department of Career Development and Alumni to learn more about global career development opportunities:

Narxoz University as a member of GBSN Global representative NARXOZ GBSN GLOBAL gives an opportunity for Narxoz students on global career development. Every student of Narxoz University can register on the platform Talent Platform GBSN and choose among 550 companies around 88 countries.
Global Hour

Global Hour is a bimonthly global networking event where faculty and staff of Narxoz University meet and share ideas with each other and our international partners. Each year the number of foreign employees, international projects and global business trips of the Narxoz team grows and Global Hour is a platform to share experience, information and contacts with local professionals. The event is semi-formal and everyone engaged in global development is welcomed to join and share their experience. Please send us a short email to to receive information and participate in the next Global Hour networking event.
Narxoz Global Student Embassy

Narxoz' Global Student Embassy (NGSE) empowers students to gain the skills they need to be successful in the global workforce and be leaders in the global community through the coordination of events that connect Narxoz to the global community.

Student members organize engagements with successful professionals and organizations including guest lectures, roundtable discussions, inter-university events, diplomatic excursions, external events, and more. Like any embassy, NGSE's members are divided into diplomatic ranks based on their skills, experience, and commitment levels as ambassadors or advisers.

Members gain:

  • Professional, negotiation, and leadership skills

  • Training and exposure through workshops and funding

  • New connections and community

  • Global career development
For more information about joining NGSE, follow @ngs_embassy, message us at, or stop by the International Students and Faculty Department.
Narxoz International Club

Narxoz International Club promotes values of internationalization through volunteer programs that introduce international students and employees to Kazakhstani culture and vice-versa. Activities are held on-campus and throughout Almaty each semester, helping to build community between locals and internationals. For more information, message us at or stop by the International Students and Faculty Department.
International Development, Career and Partnerships Department
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