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Preparing to Come to Kazakhstan

Once your visa and flight details have been sorted out, it's time to sort out the logistics of your arrival! Below is a checklist of tasks to complete in preparation for your departure to Kazakhstan.

For each task you can find detailed information on the page Life in Almaty & On-Campus
Reconnect with your Narxoz Admission Officer and Narxoz International Coordinator
This is a good time to reconnect with your Narxoz admission officer and international coordinator to double check you have all documents and logistics ready before you come to Kazakhstan to assure a smoother transition.

Narxoz Admission Office:

Narxoz International Student and Faculty Department:
Finalize your flight details
Assure that you arrive no later than seven days before the start of the semester.
Secure your transfer from Almaty International Airport
There are several ways to get from the airport to your housing. Narxoz University free private airport pick-up via Narxoz' private taxi service for all international visitors. Students may also take a taxi or bus.
Arrange temporary accommodation
Students staying in the Narxoz dormitory do not need temporary accommodation. However, if you do not plan to live in the dormitory, you should secure housing only once you arrive. There are many temporary housing options such as hotels, AirBnB, and hostels.
Confirm dormitory arrangements
If you are staying in a Narxoz dormitory, make sure you have all information for check-in and move-in. If you will arrive in Almaty late at night or very early in the morning, make sure you have temporary housing arrangements until you can check into the dormitory during operating hours.
Prepare your financial records and money
Notify your banks that you will be making purchases abroad. Make digital and paper copies of all of your important financial information, like your cards. Have a minimum of 40,000 tenge available in cash at all times while abroad in case your card is ever blocked or lost.
Download essential apps and activate a VPN
Having access to your essential online resources is important while you are abroad. While most internet services work in Kazakhstan, some do not or are blocked. Once you enter Kazakhstan, some apps may not be available unless you have already activated them on your phone. Additionally, a VPN may be permanently blocked unless it is activated before arriving in Kazakhstan.
Save important contact information
Make sure to put all important contact information in your phone and on paper, such as: your host university international coordinator, the international office, the local Almaty police, your embassy abroad, and your own emergency contacts. Provide your emergency contacts with this information as well.
Make copies of important documents
In case of loss, having a copy of your most essential documents is very helpful, including: your passport, visa, bank cards, identification card, Narxoz admission letter, etc. Have them available on your phone, email, and in print. Provide your emergency contacts with these documents as well.
Learn about Kazakhstan and Almaty
Get excited and ready for your new adventure by learning about the new city your are going to live in. Explore visitor websites, watch videos, join foreigner groups, study maps.
Practice Kazakh and Russian
Review words and phrases in Russian and Kazakh so your mind is refreshed when you arrive and you can communicate basic phrases right from the beginning if you do not already know the languages. Download the Google Translate app to your phone. This will make your transition easier.
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