Admissions information for full-degree international students

At Narxoz, we consider each application with care and provide you with assistance and support at every stage of your application and enrollment process. Our Admissions Office and International Students and Faculty Department are at your disposal to answer any questions you may have while you embark upon your undergraduate, graduate or doctoral journey. We look forward to learning about you and helping you find your perfect fit at our university!

Note: The information on this page is for full-degree applicants. Click here for information about short term academic mobility options.

Application Timeline

  • Early Action Admissions (Deadline November 1, a year before enrollment)
Applying to Narxoz under the Early Action option empowers you to make a university choice early. Applicants apply by November 1 and hear from us by mid-December. If your record and accomplishments have been consistently strong over time, Early Action may be an attractive choice. You don't have to commit to coming to Narxoz right away, but you will learn earlier if it is an option for you.

  • Regular Admissions (Deadline August 1, in the year of enrollment)
Candidates need to submit their application by July 1, and will receive notification by the end of the month. This provides students sufficient time to plan ahead for their documentation, visas, travel and accommodation.

Important Notes:

  • Candidates wishing to study at Narxoz coming from CIS countries (except Turkmenistan) have an extended application deadline of August 25.

  • Candidates are advised to start the application process at least two months prior to the Regular Admissions deadline to allow enough time for the visa and other processes.

Please contact the Narxoz Admissions Office for more information at
Application Process

Candidates should collect all required documents and send to The following are the list of documents:

  1. Electronic copy of passport identity page

  2. Electronic copy of passport-style photo (digital copy; 3×4; white background and no shadows; applicant's' face should be clearly seen with a neutral expression)

  3. Electronic copy of nationally recognized certificate stating completion of:

  • a secondary school, technical, vocational or post-secondary school with transcripts or

  • bachelor's degree certificate with transcript (if available at the time of documents submission)

4. Language proficiency certificate:

  • English: The equivalent of IELTS 5.5 or above is required. Candidates can apply for an English language proficiency waiver if their most recent education was completed in full English instruction.

All documents must be in English, and if the original document is not in English, notarized and translated copies must be sent in its stead. Contact a Narxoz Admissions Officer for any assistance or clarification you may require.
Selection Process

After completing the application process, all candidates will be contacted by an Admissions Officer to go through the following selection process:

  1. Individual interview: The online interview will help the Narxoz Admissions Selection Committee to determine the abilities and knowledge of the candidate. The committee may include vice-rectors, department heads, staff members, an English instructor, and/or a student council representative.

  2. If limited spots are available on a program, the selection committee will choose the top applicants who meet all qualifications. Applicants not selected for their first choice program can be considered for their second or third choice program.

Within two weeks after the interview, applicants will receive an email notification with the admission decision.

Upon Selection

After USD 500 deposit payment and signing the additional agreement on the deposit, all selected applicants will receive a letter of conditional admission. This letter can be used for the visa process and confirms admission to Narxoz University upon successful completion of all additional steps that must be completed when you arrive at Narxoz University (see the next section - Upon Arrival to Almaty). Once you receive the conditional admission letter, you may do the following:

  • Begin the visa process. A student visa may be issued no more than 90 days prior to the start date mentioned on your Letter of Invitation. See the Visa & Immigration section for full details.

  • Pay tuition and dormitory costs. Your International Student Coordinator will assist you in this process.

  • Arrange for your degree and transcripts to be apostolized. This is required to apply for your degree and transcript nostrification while in Kazakhstan, and is an important step to complete your enrollment process at Narxoz.

  • Prepare additional documents for the visa, immigration and course enrollment processes (copy of vaccination card, medical card #086, proof of medical insurance (optional)).

  • Arrange your finances and budget for tuition, accomodation, travel and living expenses.

  • Send your arrival itinerary to your Narxoz Admission Officer and International Coordinator. At this point, airport transfers will be scheduled for you. If you are coming to Almaty by car or train, provide these details as well and we will make sure you have all the necessary arrival information.

  • Begin preparing for your new adventure in Kazakhstan! Review the pre-arrival checklist.

Upon Arrival to Almaty

Admitted international students are also required to successfully complete the following final steps within their first week in Almaty in order to be fully admitted:

  • Meet with an Admissions Officer to double check the steps you need to take to finalize your admission.

  • Have the following documents translated (if not originally in Kazakh or Russian) and notarized by an official notary in Almaty. This process will take approximately three to five days and costs approximately KZT 5,000 (USD 13) per page (cost varies by original language). Schedule a meeting in advance with your Narxoz International Coordinator, who will provide the contact information for the notary and assist you with this process.
    • Passport identity page (two copies)

    • Diploma or education certificate (two copies)

  • Apply for an Individual Identification Number (IIN), which is required for all residents living in Kazakhstan regardless of nationality. This will take approximately three days. There is no cost associated with this process. Your International Student Coordinator will assist you.

  • Have your diploma and education documents officially nostrified, which is required for all international students in Kazakhstan. This process will take about two to six weeks and costs approximately KZT 28,000 (USD 70). Students will be allowed to study their first semester while the nostrification process is taking place. Schedule a meeting in advance with your International Student Coordinator who will assist you.
    • For this process, you will go to the Public Service Center (near Narxoz) and complete the application, with the help of your International Student Coordinator.

    • Upon submitting the application, a receipt is immediately provided that confirms that your documents are in the process of nostrification. Provide this document (original) to the Narxoz Admissions Office within 24 hours.

    • After the documents are nostrified, you will pick them up from the Public Service Center and submit them to the Narxoz Office of the Registrar (Saina Campus, first floor, left from main entrance). Nostrified documents must be submitted no later than the end of the first semester. Students who do not submit nostrified documents by the end of the first semester will not be allowed to continue studying at Narxoz.

  • Submit originals of required admission documents to the Narxoz Admissions Office, including:
    • Notarized translation of your passport

    • Notarized translation of your diploma/education certificate

    • Passport-style photos (six photos; 3x4; white background and no shadows; applicant's face should be clearly seen with a neutral expression) There are shops near Narxoz campuses where you can take these photos.

    • Copies of your dormitory and tuition receipts

    • Medical certificate (form 086): The medical form is available at any hospital/clinic in Kazakhstan and will require a physical examination with a doctor to confirm the student has no medical contradictions that might cause the student's health to deteriorate under the normal academic workload.

    • Fluorography shot/chest x-ray (This must be completed in Kazakhstan.)

    • Additional medical documents as specified by your Admission Coordinator; varies by country

  • Sign the Enrollment and Tuition Agreement: Once all these steps are completed, go to the Narxoz Admissions Department to sign your Enrollment and Tuition Agreement. This is the final step to be officially and fully admitted to your program of study at Narxoz University. This step should be completed no later than the week before classes start.

All of these documents must be submitted no later than one week before the start of classes (except for the nostrification). Our Admissions and International Student teams are ready to help you through every stage of the process.

Note: This information may change. Check with the Narxoz Admissions Office to confirm all requirements and steps.
  • Madison Nowlin
    As an international student, Narxoz helped me gain a better sense of how the world works. I was exposed to a different culture and a different way of learning that ultimately made me more comfortable with a wider array of work environments. In addition, international experience made me more competitive to certain employers who are looking for these skills, making me more marketable when looking for a career.
  • Esther Suleymanova
    Turkmenistan, Customs
    "My mother and I chose Narxoz University because the university has very positive reviews. My first impressions of the university were very good and they remain very good. Our program is also very good and high quality. Our teachers are demanding and fair. They give us the knowledge that we will need in our professional future."
  • Haibo
    China, Marketing
    "My friend, who was born in Kazakhstan, suggested me to Narxoz University, because it is the best economic university in Kazakhstan. At Narxoz, I like everything very much. The teachers are very attentive, although they are strict. They help me with my studies. And I also really enjoy Almaty. There are many good people here; even if they are strangers, people never refuse to help. And, of course, the weather in Almaty. The weather in Almaty is just super!"
  • Sabit Shertaev
    Uzbekistan, Economics
    "From the beginning, you can feel that Narxoz University is the best economic university in the country. Therefore, after graduating from my undergraduate program, I decided to continue my Master's studies. The University has global academic mobility programs, where a student can study at a foreign university for one semester. Narxoz has a wide range of resources to provide students with a high level of education. For example, the university has language courses, sports, conferences, master classes, and seminars that allow students to expand their knowledge and engage in scientific activities. Therefore, I wanted to use all the capabilities of the University and participated in many conferences and seminars, learned a lot, started research, published articles. I believe that the economics program course meets the modern requirements of the market and also trains professionals in demand on the labor market."
  • Katrin Wrulich
    Austria, Business in Emerging Markets
    I spent a semester abroad at Narxoz University for my masters' degree. I chose Kazakhstan because in Central Europe not many companies know about Central Asia. They usually focus on Russia and China, and sometimes India or Turkey, but everything in between is rather unknown territory. It was also new for me; therefore I decided to take this chance and go on the "Adventure Kazakhstan". My family and friends were a bit worried, but also interested - I guess this is the natural combination when facing the unknown. But looking back at studying at Narxoz, living in Almaty, experiencing the country in my free time and also travel around neighbouring states was a big benefit for my career. Now, every time I am at a networking event or having a job interview, people ask me "OMG really? How was it?" and this is great. It gives me a competitive advantage compared to all my colleagues. It is interesting, nobody knows about Central Asia, which makes me the expert in that sense. Also the courses I had were really helpful, for example future studies, because this helped me exceptionally in my career options, as I am focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship. Last but not least I was able to start learning Russian which comes in very handy! I am really glad about the chance Narxoz gave me and would recommend this university to everyone who is interested in experiencing a really cool, new and also challenging semester abroad or even full studies. A lot of international teachers as well as locals constitute a great mix of cultures and experiences that everyone will benefit from! All the best from Austria and hope to be back sometime!
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