International Employment Details

In this section, you can learn more about salary and benefits of working at Narxoz, eligibility requirements, application and selection process, and final hiring and onboarding procedures.

Salary and Benefits

Benefits vary by position and available departmental budget allowances for international employees. Long term employees are generally provided with a competitive salary (to the Kazakhstani job market), international health insurance, and roundtrip airfare from the employee's home country. Visiting professionals through the Erasmus+ fund receive 1,500 Euro for a five-day period of service (140 Euro per day and 800 Euro per flight). Volunteer/pro-bono development officers are provided a monthly stipend and/or on-campus housing. Go Nomads teachers receive accommodation, three meals per day, medical insurance, and roundtrip airfare.

Regardless of position, all international employees receive assistance with transitioning to Almaty (e.g. airport pick-up, finding housing, setting up bank and other accounts, orientation to Narxoz and Almaty, etc.) and support throughout their time at Narxoz. Narxoz University also supports all employees in pursuing professional development per the arrangements decided with each employee's supervising unit.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility requirements vary by position; however, international candidates should meet the following general requirements:

  • Have an appropriate combination of professional and educational experience to succeed in the position being considered for

  • Have an appropriate level of language proficiency needed to effectively communicate in the role (Narxoz employees communicate in English, Kazakh, and/or Russian; proficiency in at least English or Russian is required.)

    • English: high intermediate (equivalent to IELTS 5.5 level or above)

    • Russian: high intermediate (equivalent of TORFL-II/B2 or above)

  • History of high quality performance on educational and job duties

  • Previous relevant experience living, studying, or working abroad (is a plus)

  • Clear commitment to building the capacity of the Narxoz community

  • Complete all application requirements by the given deadlines

Application Process and Deadlines

The screening process for international employees generally includes multiple components, such as interviews, various application documents, etc. Candidates will liaise with the International Students and Faculty Department throughout the process for support and may also be appointed a main point of contact within the Narxoz unit they are being considered for.

In general, we recommend interested candidates contact us at least two to four months before wanting to start with Narxoz since the actual onboarding takes significant time due to Kazakhstan's national procedures for visa processing and document officiating.

Upon Selection

Once you receive the official letter of acceptance/job offer, it can be used for the visa process and confirms recruitment/employment to Narxoz University (upon successful completion of all additional steps that must be completed before you arrive and when you arrive at Narxoz University [see the next section - Upon Arrival to Almaty]). Once you confirm acceptance of the job offer and receive the official offer letter, you may move on to the final steps of the hiring process:

  • Begin the visa process. This processing time varies, so it is important to start this process as soon as possible. See the Visa & Immigration section for full details.

  • Arrange for your degree and transcripts to be apostolized. This is required for long term employees to apply for your degree and transcript nostrification while in Kazakhstan and is an important step to complete your employment process at Narxoz.

  • Prepare additional documents for the visa, immigration and onboarding processes (e.g. copy of vaccination card, originals of medical insurance, criminal background check, bank account statements, etc.)

  • Send your arrival itinerary to your International Employee Coordinator. At this point, airport pickup service will be scheduled for you. If you are coming to Almaty by car or train, provide these details as well and we will make sure you have all the necessary arrival information.

  • Begin preparing for your new adventure in Kazakhstan! Review the pre-arrival checklist.
Upon Arrival to Almaty

New international employees are also required to successfully complete the following final steps within their first week in Almaty to complete their hiring process:

  • Meet with an International Employee Coordinator to double check the steps you need to take to finalize your employment.

  • Have the following documents translated (if not originally in Kazakh or Russian) and notarized by an official notary in Almaty. This process will take approximately three to five days and costs approximately KZT 5,000 (USD 13) per page (cost varies by original language). Schedule a meeting in advance with your Narxoz International Employee Coordinator, who will provide the contact information for the notary and assist you with this process.
    • Passport identity page (two copies)
    • Diploma or education certificate (two copies)

  • Apply for an Individual Identification Number (IIN), which is required for all residents living in Kazakhstan regardless of nationality. This will take approximately three days. There is no cost associated with this process. Your International Employee Coordinator will assist you.

  • Have your diploma and education documents officially nostrified, which is required for all international employees in Kazakhstan. This process will take about two to six weeks and costs approximately KZT 28,000 (USD 70). Employees will be allowed to work their first semester while the nostrification process is taking place. Schedule a meeting in advance with your International Employee Coordinator who will assist you.
    • For this process, you will go to the Public Service Center (near Narxoz) and complete the application, with the help of your International Employee Coordinator.

    • Upon submitting the application, a receipt is immediately provided that confirms that your documents are in the process of nostrification. Provide this document (original) to the International Employee Coordinator within 24 hours.

    • After the documents are nostrified, you will pick them up from the Public Service Center and submit them to the Narxoz HR office (Zhandossov Campus, office 124).

  • Submit originals of required employment documents to the Narxoz HR office, including:
    • Notarized translation of your passport

    • Notarized translation of your diploma/education certificate

    • Passport-style photos (six photos; 3x4; white background and no shadows; applicant's face should be clearly seen with a neutral expression) There are shops near Narxoz campuses where you can take these photos.

    • Fluorography shot/chest x-ray (This must be completed in Kazakhstan.)

    • Additional medical documents as specified by your International Employee Coordinator; varies by country

  • Sign the Employment Contract: Once all these steps are completed, go to the Narxoz HR office to sign your employment contract. This step should be completed no later than the week before work starts.

All of these documents must be submitted no later than one week before the start of work (except for the nostrification). Contact a Narxoz International Employee Coordinator anytime throughout the process for support.

Note: This information may change. Check with the Narxoz International Students and Faculty Department to confirm all requirements and steps.
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