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Narxoz faculty, staff, and administrators are the foundation for all university operations and success, and Narxoz' commitment to global excellence. International employees and visiting professionals particularly contribute to the growth and development of Narxoz University in its role as a global hub of excellence for Central Asia. International employees and visiting professionals serve in a variety of long term roles as well as in visiting positions online or lasting a week to a year, including:

  • Faculty teaching and research capacities

  • ERASMUS+ Faculty and Staff Exchange Program

  • Development volunteering officers

  • Go Nomads Teaching Program

  • Administrator and staff opportunities

Interested professionals can contact the International Students and Faculty Department to discuss opportunities to become part of the Narxoz global employee community. The Department also supports foreign employees before, during, and after their time at Narxoz.

International Students and Faculty Department
+7 705 55 00 397 (Mobile, WhatsApp available)
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Global professional experiences transforms:

  • Develop personally and professionally

  • Experience different teaching and professional styles

  • Gain new transferable skills and boost your career advancement

  • Better adapt to change and the globalizing world

  • Increase motivation to expand in your career and contribute to your field

  • Develop cultural and global awareness and open-mindedness

  • Expand your personal and professional networks

  • Enhance self-confidence and self-understanding

  • Gain knowledge in new subjects or in teaching methods

  • Improve and gain language skills

  • Help Narxoz University become a world-class higher education institution

  • Bring new opportunities to the Narxoz community and Kazakhstan and back to your country

  • Become a more valuable asset to the finest organizations for your future career growth

  • Expand your credibility with partners for potential research, grants, and other opportunities

  • See the world through the unique, historical and diverse lens of Central Asia
International Development and Partnership Department
+7 727 377 1271
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