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Application and Selection Process

Application Process

Applicants will work with an academic mobility coordinator in the International Development and Partnership Office throughout the application process. It is important for applicants to check their Narxoz email account often for important updates and notifications.

Apply to go abroad:

  • Make an appointment to meet with an international coordinator to review your goals for going abroad and make a plan for the application process:

  • Collect, complete, and upload all documents at one time to your Narxoz Portal - Education Abroad section:

    • General education abroad application

    • Narxoz University education abroad application

    • Student profile (filled out in Word format)

    • Personal statement

    • Transcript (issued by the Narxoz Student Services Center; lobby of the Zhandosova Campus/Saina Campus)

    • Passport identity page copy

    • Two passport-style photos 3x4 (for pasting on profiles)

    • Two letters of recommendation (from professors or deans)
    • Language proficiency certificate

      • English-speaking programs: IELTS B2 level or above
        (Language assessments are available for English in the Narxoz Linguistic Center:, Saina campus, room 15)
      • Russian-speaking programs: not required
      • Other languages: requirements vary; check with your international coordinator
    • Learning Agreement: In coordination with your dean's office and the Narxoz registrar office, you will create an academic plan for the coursework you will complete while abroad to ensure a transparent and efficient preparation of the program abroad, as well as to agree on how activities successfully completed abroad will be recognized at Narxoz. The Learning Agreement will outline how many credits you are required to take abroad and how they will transfer back for credit towards your graduation requirements. It may be required for the agreement to be signed by your host institution abroad as well, confirming alignment of all academic expectations and credit transfer

Special requirements:

  • Medical certificate (form 082): All applicants are required to submit this after passing the selection process. The medical form is available at any hospital/clinic.
  • ERASMUS+ Inter-institutional Agreement: Applicants to any ERASMUS+ International Credit Mobility Program must complete the agreement with the host institution and your Narxoz international coordinator.
  • Military Student Approval: Students of the military department must also meet with the head of the military department to review the Learning Agreement and create an additional individual plan as a military student. This plan does not need to be submitted for this with your education abroad application but should be agreed upon with the head of the military department.
  • Students under the age of 18: Written consent of the parents or legal guardian
  • Mandatory academic requirements:
    • Fall programs: If you have annual mandatory academic requirements, they must be completed during the summer semester before departure for the fall semester.
    • Spring programs: If you have annual mandatory academic requirements, they must be completed during the fall semester before departure for the spring semester or you can complete them during the summer semester after your education abroad program.
    • Summer programs: Summer courses taken abroad usually do not transfer for credit towards your degree completion since they are not equivalent subjects. Therefore, students participating in summer programs do not have to fulfill mandatory Narxoz academic requirements before participating in summer programs abroad.
  • Internships: Meet with your dean's office to complete any additional requirements for internship abroad approval. These documents do not need to be submitted for this with your education abroad application but should be agreed upon with the dean's office.

    All of these documents must be submitted complete by the above stated deadlines in your Narxoz Portal - Education Abroad section. Contact your international coordinator anytime throughout the process for support.
Selection Process

After completing the application process, all applicants will be contacted by their international coordinator to go through the following selection process:

  • Individual interview (face to face): The interview will help the selection committee determine the abilities and knowledge of the candidate. The committee may include vice-rectors, department heads, staff members, an English instructor, and/or a student council representative.

  • If limited spots are available on a program, the selection committee will choose the top applicants who meet all qualifications. Applicants not selected for their first choice university can be considered for their second or third choice university.

  • Within two weeks after the interview, applicants will receive an email notification with the admission decision.

    Special Conditions for ERASMUS+ International Credit Mobility Programs
    Participation in the ERASMUS+ programs is possible at bachelor, master or doctorate levels. Narxoz and the host institution must have an ERASMUS+ inter-institutional agreement. The period of study in a foreign university should correspond to the specialty and educational program at Narxoz University. You must pass a competitive selection according to the criteria developed by partner universities.
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