Requirements for publications in caer
Journal issue procedure
Article Review Process
Publication fee
About accepting an article
The Editorial Board accepts previously unpublished articles. The article is submitted in electronic format (in .doc, .docx, formats). Materials are accepted in Kazakh, Russian, English. In one issue of the journal, the author can publish no more than 1 article, including co-authorship. The number of authors of one article should not exceed 3 people.
Volume of the article and expert opinion

A scientific article in the body of the main text (excluding the title, information about the authors, abstracts, keywords, bibliography) from 12 to 16 pages is submitted to the editor through the article submission system on the journal website (in .doc .docx formats). An expert opinion on the possibility of publishing the article in the open press must be attached to the article.
Font - Times New Roman. Font size - 14 pt. Alignment – justified. Single line spacing. Indention - 1.25 cm. Page margins: upper and lower - 2 cm; left - 3 cm and right - 1 cm;

When creating formulas, it is recommended to use Microsoft Equations 1.0-3.0 – working via Insert - Formula command.
The dimensions of the formula should not exceed 16 cm in width and 24 cm in height. Font: Times New Roman, 14 pt. The numbering of formulas should be sequential throughout the text.
The main text of the article is separated from the formula by one space before and after its entry. The numbering of the formulas is placed on the right side, while the formula is located in the center. All variables must be decrypted. More details in the design rules.

Figures and Tables
Figures (graphs, charts) and tables are presented directly in the text with the numbering, title (for example, Figure 1 - the name of the picture) and the source as a note (12 pt.) (For example, Note – compiled by the author (s) based on the source [...]). The numbering of tables / figures should be sequential throughout the text. Figures are numbered separately from the tables. Figures (graphs, diagrams) and tables should not exceed 20% of the total article.
Abbreviation in the "pic." Format are not recommended; you should type the word in full and put a space after the number (Figure 1 shows the data ...; see table 1). The size of the picture should not exceed 16 cm in width; 24 cm in height. The inscriptions in the figures – 9 pt. A reference to the figure in the text is required.
The name of the picture is placed under the picture (in the center) in Times New Roman font 14 pt. More details in the design rules.
When creating a table, it is recommended to use the capabilities of Word or Excel. Manual tables are not used (large number of spaces, without using cells). Table design – legend above the table without an indentation (Times New Roman 14 pt., explanatory data to the table – 12 pt.). A table is followed by a dash after the number, name of table – with a capital letter. More details in the design rules.
Article structure
In the upper left corner is the MRNTI code (here is the link to the downloadable form), on the next line is the code for JEL Classification (here is the link to the downloadable form) (bold, 14 pt.)
Through one line in English, Kazakh and Russian:
1) Title of the article (bold, 14 pt., Alignment - centered). The name should be short and not contain abbreviations.
2) After one line are presented - initials and surname (in bold, 14 pt.). On the next line is the full name of the organization (affiliation), city, country of the author (s) (in normal type, 12 pt.). Alignment is centered.
3) In one line, an annotation of 150-200 words (14 pt., Alignment - in width). The structure of the annotation includes the following mandatory points: purpose of the study, research methodology originality (value) of the study, research results, keywords - 4-6 words or phrases. More details in the design rules.
Acceptance of scientific articles in the Central Asian Economic Review journal is carried out through the electronic submission system on the website (Submit an article). An electronic version of the article, an expert opinion on the possibility of publishing the article, a scanned version of the payment receipt are received by the chief specialist of the Institute for Applied Research.
The chief specialist checks scientific articles for:
1. Compliance with the Rules for the technical design of an article posted on the journal's website. If a discrepancy is found, the article is returned to the author within 2-3 business days from the date of receipt of the article through the electronic filing system on the site (Send a request).
2. the use of borrowed material without reference to the author and the source of borrowing by the anti-plagiarism system in accordance with the "Rules for the Detection and Prevention of Plagiarism, which defines the rules for the operation of at Narxoz University (approved by the Academic Council of the University dated December 25, 2018, No. 4) through program. The originality of the text of scientific articles should be 80% and above. In this case, Similarity Ratio 1 and Similarity Ratio 2 should be no higher than 20% and 2%, respectively. Articles that do not meet these requirements, as well as a verification report, are returned to the author within 2-3 business days.

After collecting and passing checks, articles are transferred to the technical editor (secretary) of the journal's editorial board.
Technical editor (secretary) of the editorial board:
  1. checks the article against the profile of the journal. In case of non-compliance, makes a decision to reject the article;
  2. submits articles corresponding to the profile of the journal for review. Articles are provided to reviewers without specifying information about the author (s). The reviewer should consider the submitted article within two weeks from the date of receipt and send a review to the technical editor (secretary), drawn up in accordance with the Standard Form. The original review is stored in the journal;
  3. controls the timely receipt of reviews and their compliance with the Standard Form;
  4. returns to the authors of the article, which require revision based on the results of the review. The review is provided to the author of the article without specifying information about the reviewers;
  5. sends for re-reviewing the article, after its correction on the basis of comments of reviewers, strictly observing the time requirements;
  6. forms the heading and content of the next issue of the journal, in accordance with the submitted articles recommended for publication;
  7. compiles a report on the results of the issue and presents the layout of the magazine at a meeting of the editorial board;
  8. submits to the publisher a mock approved magazine issue signed by the editor-in-chief.
Review Process
The conclusion about the possibility of publishing the articles in CAER is made on the basis of two reviews of independent researchers. The reviewer's background must be relevant to the background of the article in question, as the reviewer will be solely responsible for the appropriateness of the article's content. The articles are provided to reviewers in a blind review process, without the specification of author's names. The reviewer has to review the article within the two weeks. The review is then provided to the author of the article without the information on its reviewers.

Payment details:

The cost of publication, taking into account the review - 15000 tenge.

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