SDG 5 - Gender Equality
At Narxoz University we do not accept any form of discrimination against women. We are committed to providing a diverse, inclusive and respectful working and learning environment for all staff and students.

Admission requirements to University should correspond to Ministry of Education requirements and transparency, it should be open to all people regardless of the gender, nationality, religion, social status or any forms of disabilities. Women or people with special needs cannot be denied an entry to university.

Job postings should correspond to requirements based on education, skills and knowledge regardless of the gender, nationality, religion, social status or any forms of disabilities specification. Women or people with special needs cannot be denied a job place unless it is proven of being underqualified for the selected job.

The university as a body supports maternity and paternity leaves for staff and students. The amount of leave days should be regulated in accordance with the Labour Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Academic Leave Policy of Narxoz University.

Any form of sexual harassment in the form of physical touching, verbal or physical assault, obscene jokes or any form of discrimination against women is prohibited at the university. Any improper action will not be tolerated and will be handed over to the relevant department.

Our Gender Equality Policies
Maternity and Paternity Leave Policy
According to Article 99 of the Labour Code in Kazakhstan, duration of leave is 126 calendar days (70 calendar days before birth and 56 calendar days after birth). In case of complicated births or the birth of two or more children - 70 days are given. The number of annual leave days does not depend on the duration of the work, so it does not matter how long you worked for the employer.

Protecting Policies
At Narxoz University we care about safety of students and staff. To create safe space for everyone, we have protecting policies:

Childcare facilities
as University we care about our staff and students with children. It is essential to provide parents a safe space where they can leave their children in sight. In the near future, there are plans to open childcare facilities and nursing rooms available for staff and students.
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