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The 2016-2019 strategic planning cycle launched the ten pillars of the Narxoz Development Strategy which envisaged towards establishing a name for Narxoz University internationally. The strategy incorporated developmental policies which sought to increase the percentile of students participating in the academic mobility programs to 10%, and international student admissions to 5%. This was to be achieved by participation in university ranking systems, attaining international accreditations, and by organizing 'international weeks' which introduced students to renowned global scholars and professionals.

Moving into the new 2020-2025 strategy, our endeavour is to transform Narxoz University into a global platform for education in Central Asia. This requires initiating an institution-wide change that welcomes contemporary thinking, research, innovation, and collaborations, fostering inter-departmental, national and global relationships.
To provide our students with all the resources and opportunities to become effective future leaders of the world.
We envision creating sustainable partnerships between all stakeholders – students, faculty, administrative staff, the community and partners worldwide.
Accessibility, transparency and mutual understanding between all stakeholders.
Strategic area I: Global consortium
Global Strategic Partners (GSP) and Global Strategic Network (GSN) are two initiatives that will be launched to create a global consortium focusing on topics of collaboration and establishing joint centres of research and academic initiatives between present and future global partners.

Strategic area II: Globalization of Narxoz community
The International Development Office will facilitate and incentivize Narxoz community involvement to advance the university's global engagement. This in turn would enable the community - student leaders, faculty and staff - to provide a high international standard of education centred on research and contemporary thinking.

Strategic area III: Improve the quality of service to international students and faculty
To set up a user-friendly framework to cater to the requirements of present and future international faculty and students of the university, the aim is to create an intellectual environment that fosters inter-cultural exchange and global best practices which would boost the quality of education and experiences provided. The International Development Office will also encourage student organization initiatives like the Narxoz International Club which promote values of internationalization through volunteer programs that introduce international students and faculty to Kazakhstani culture and vice-versa.

Strategic area IV: Increase country and program exposure for academic mobility opportunities
To establish a web-based portal that provides greater access to innumerable opportunities for students and faculty to experience the world through prestigious institutions around the world. The International Development Office will work on creating an international education fund through grants, donations, etc., to provide financial aid to deserving students.
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